Everything you need to know about CPU heat sinks and the heat CPUs generate.

What's wrong with this picture?

Heat sink mount pushing against the RAM stick
Heat sink reseated the correct way

Since we're here let's talk about different types of CPU coolers and the type of air pressure you want to maintain inside your PC case.

Here are four types of after-market CPU heat sinks you can buy.

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Aftermarket heat sinks Vs. OEM Heat sinks

Aftermarket heat sinks

This is the type of heatsinks that comes with stock PCs

Is there a way to stress-test your newly installed CPU Cooler?


You can stress your CPU using this software

How do I monitor the temps while stress testing my CPU?

HW Monitor is a free software you can use to monitor all the necessary information regarding your PC. If your CPU temps hold up around 60–80C under full load, you’ll be fine. And remember ambient temperature plays a big part in this process too. You should have a firm idea about the average ambient temp around the environment in which your PC is placed.

You can monitor your PC with this software

The type of air pressure you wanna maintain inside your PC case.

Short answer? Sure, it's positive air pressure.


Even if you have a factory assembled PC it's good to have an aftermarket CPU cooler installed because OEM coolers tend to let your CPU heat more and more. It's not good for your CPU. Consider how much room you have inside the case before buying your CPU cooler. When you do, if you're more of a DIY person, then pay attention to the manual you get with the CPU cooler. It'll have clear instructions on how to proceed. And make sure you have a positive air pressure condition inside your case. Those key points will help you expand the lifetime of your PC. I know I left out liquid cooling systems for PCs in this article. I will cover them in detail later on in another article.



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