Different Disk Image types
in virtualization

All you need to know about virtual hard disks

There are two types of Hypervisors

Type 1 Vs. Type 2 Hypervisors

An illustration of how Type 1 and Type 2 Hypervisors are constructed

Type I hypervisor —

VMware ESXI vSphere web interface
ESXI vSphere Web interface (Type 1 Hypervisor). Installed on top of your hardware without a host OS. You can manage all the VMs in this node using this interface. You can also assign a self-signed SSL certificate to this if you need to. It won’t provide security but it will look nice. 😉

Type II hypervisor —

Oracle VirtualBox Interface
Type 2 Hypervisor installed on top of Windows 10 (Host OS)

Deep dive into Virtual Hard Disks

Virtual Disk Formats

How to provision a virtual hard disk?

  1. Thin Provisioning (Dynamically Allocated) -




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