All of us in whatever context is tasked with getting more from less!


The energy behind writing this article came from an interview I had the privilege to watch recently. That conversation got me thinking, It doesn't matter what we do, you might work in the corporate world or in a small organization, maybe you run your own start-up. In the same sense, you might be someone higher in the organizational hierarchy or just an employee. Hell, you can be a customer waiting in line to buy groceries. At the end of the day, all of us are tasked with getting more from less.

Human civilization is a system. And that system survives on this very principle. Everyone is focused on being successful in any given industry. Some industries are interconnected and dependent on one another. If it's a business in any sense, its core mechanism and the very thing that ensures its survival is getting more from less.

In my quest of learning things, as I grow older, I always found finding the core of any given thing that life throws at me, very helpful. I remember once reading a Richard Feynman quote that said

That quote hit me like a train. I was so moved by it, I never forgot what it meant. To this day, when I try to learn something new, I always try to go to the very basic idea of it. As an example, if you wanna know, what's the business world is all about, HEY.. This is it, my friend. You can build on this idea.

I feel like we're slowly drifting off-topic 😂. Are we? No, I don't think so. Cheers 😉


If you work for an organization that's determined to turn a profit, understanding this idea will help you climb the ladder that is "Organizational hierarchy." And using this approach will help you understand complex ideas.



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